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Welcome to Club Arcade Games! This site is mainly a game portal and also a blog with reports and insights about games.

The site also serves as a demo of our Arcade Games Platform.

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The games

Here you will find a lot of games to hang out and have fun. We will be expanding the list of games every month. So stay tuned!

You can play all the games for free and you can play them on a computer, tablet or smartphone, as you wish.

To appear in the ranking (leaderboard) you must be logged-in in on the site (you can do by using your accounts in social networks: Facebook, Microsoft and google). Otherwise, you’ll play as a guest and no points are recorded.

Share the results with your friends on twitter and facebook and challenge them to improve your score. Leave your comments and reactions to any of them, but be aware of our comments rules.

Be aware that you cannot manipulate the results of the games by any other means by playing them on the portal. Any attempt at manipulation to change the results of a game will result in the immediate expulsion of the player and any resulting damage to the site may have legal consequences.

Contests and prizes

We run contests periodically. The details of these contests and the prizes awarded can be checked at our Facebook page.

The winners will be contacted in the email that appears in their profile in order to send them the prize.

By accepting the prize, these users give their permission for your profile to be published on this site and/or on our social networks along with the details of the award.

The platform

The platform is based on a games portal. Games are one of the best methods to promote a product or service, allowing users to interact with them and increasing brand awareness.

The games included in the platform are of the following types: action games, puzzle games, match games, quiz games, skill games, logic games, memory games, sports games, and board games.

Check out the details about the implementation and marketing of the platform on our XGINT site.

The blog

The content provided in this blog aims to give you the most updated and reliable information through news, reports, insights, and infographics in order to help you to know more about online games and video games and its history.

This content cannot be used in other blogs or publications. Nevertheless, you can cite an excerpt from any of our articles of no more than 50 words, provided that you give us the appropriate credit, stating clearly the name of the source (Arcade Games) and the URL (https://clubarcadegames.com).

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