The evolution of video game consoles

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Having a good time with video game systems is among one of the most ways of entertainment. With the improvement in graphics and sound technology, you will see that video games today can really take you inside the video game itself and also makes you feel as if you were really the character you are playing.

Prior to all the reasonable and cutting edge graphics and sound effects that you see in today’s latest video game systems, it all started out with modest graphics and sound that were in its time, state-of-the-art.

Prior to all the reasonable and cutting edge graphics and sound effects that you see in today’s latest video game systems, it all started out with modest graphics and sound that were in its time, state-of-the-art.

You need to recognize that the advancement of computer game systems only took even more or much less than thirty years to obtain where it is at the present time. Thanks to the improvement in interactions, graphics, and also sound technology, several video games today provide extraordinary entertainment.

The really initial video games system that showed up out there was created by Nutting Associates. This video game was the first coin-operated arcade game called Computer Space. It was produced in 1970 and everybody recognized as the origin of the unfolding of video games.

In 1972, Magnavox was the next company to release a new video game system. The company marketed it as the Odyssey 100 video game system. This new Odyssey 100 unlike the arcade machine from Nutting, could be attached to a standard television set. This innovation allowed everyone to play video games straight at their own house. Because of that, almost 100,000 units of the system were sold for 100 dollars each.

Throughout the exact same year that Magnavox released the Odyssey 100 video game system, Atari also launched Pong coin-operated arcade video game system.

In 1976 Atari introduced the Breakout arcade video game that sold 15,000 units of this arcade video game during the time the product was in the market. In this exact same year, Fairchild Electronic camera and Instrument of California launched a new home video game system called Channel F. Its main characteristic was that it made use of plug-in cartridges for video games for the first time in the industry. An additional characteristic of this video game is that has color as well as sound by means of a Television link.

Later, in 1977, Atari releases the Atari Video Computer System (VCS) that was later named Atari 2600. This video game system developed by Atari uses plug-in cartridges, has color graphics and sound through a TV connection.

In 1978, Taito presents in Japan, the Space Invaders arcade video game. This arcade video game sold over 350,000 units world-wide throughout its lifetime.

Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet
Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet

In 1981 Nintendo launched the Donkey Kong arcade video game in the United States. Later in 1985, they launched the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was its brand-new version of the home video game console. The Nintendo Entertainment System is rated to be the very best selling game console ever.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) launched in 1985

During this moment, Nintendo gradually reanimated the computer game market and also it created a computer game fashion.

In the period between the years 1985 to 1995, were launched a bunch of video game systems. Amongst them, you can highlight Nintendo Game Boy, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx, Super Family Computer, Panasonic REAL 3DO, Lynx, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo, and also Sony PlayStation.

Nintendo Game Boy console
Nintendo Game Boy console released in 1989

As you can see, the video game industry has truly evolved very fast as well as graphics were ending up being increasingly more real, so that physical violence, blood, and gore were an integral part of some of the games. This is why the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) was created to rate the video games that were being launched.

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Due to the competition, just 3 significant computer game creators have actually made it through in the video game industry today. These 3 companies are Microsoft, Sony, as well as Nintendo. These 3 companies are still developing the most up to date computer game systems.

Sony Play Station 4
Sony Play Station 4 launched in 2018

Beginning with primitive and simple graphics and audios, individuals have created incredible video games in just a short amount of time. If you attempt to think of the future, you will certainly see that the computer game systems that you play with today will just also get better and better.

Today, video game systems are even equipped with technologies to let them connect to the net as well as play games competing or collaborating with some other people from all over the world. So, the next time you acquire a current video game system, venture to picture what it resembled throughout the initial launch of these systems.

You ought to recognize that the improvement of video game systems solely took more or less 30 years to reach where it is presently. Thanks to the advancement in communications, graphics, as well as likewise sound technology, many computer games provide today superior enjoyment.